The Caliph Wept on RadicalJizzlam

Before him knelt a divine creation, but marked up with the plastic and ink of western culture. He looked at her with disdain, but that immediately turned to compassion. She showed him all her markings and mutilations. The Caliph was oddly impressed by the large plastic bags beneath the skin of her breasts. He felt them, and became erect. The Caliph felt guilty for lusting after the flesh, but like anything made by man, the Caliph makes the rules and rules can be bent. He pulled out his dick and this marked up infidel began to suck on it. He caused her to perform the ritual over and over to show him that she is a worthy convert. The Caliph was surprised by her skill. It was as if she’s been in this very position before. The Caliph fired his milk into her open mouth like a bunker buster. She caught it all and swallowed. The Caliph converted another lost individual.

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